Septic System Repair


         As a homeowner, you know that the primary reason for using a septic system is that you are not close enough to public sewage lines. Of course, that means that your septic system must function at its best at all times—you do not want a septic system failure.

We Are Here To Help!

         J. Tomaro Construction Co. is a septic system repair company that offers septic tank maintenance, septic pump repair, septic supply line repair, and main septic line repair. We can all agree that a septic system problem is unlikely to work itself out anytime soon. Only a septic system maintenance service like J. Tomaro Construction Co. is fully equipped and prepared to apply industry expertise to return your septic system to ideal working conditions.

         Keep in mind that septic supply line repair and septic tank maintenance is a dirty business -- not the type of thing you want to try to fix yourself. Contact J. Tomaro Construction Co. today to learn how our septic system repair services hold the answer to your septic system problem.